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Removing The Helioux Quicklashes are easy to remove with the Quicklash Remover. Apply the remover to the eyelashes and segments, you can easily remove the segments with the brush of the remover. The remains of the glue can be removed with the make-up remover and a cotton pad. The Quicklash Remover has been specially developed to easily and quickly remove the Quicklashes without damaging your own lashes, while providing extra care to your own lashes. Cleaning The Quicklashes are reusable and with proper care up to 10 times. You can clean the Quicklashes with 70% cleaning alcohol. Let the eyelashes soak for a few minutes to an hour and then brush them clean with a brush, such as a clean mascara or eyelash brush. Then let the segments air dry. After this, the Quicklash segments can be applied again according to the above method.
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